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Industries Officer (Trade/Overseer)

What is an Industries Officer (Trade/Overse​​er)?

Industries Officer's undertake an essential role by supervising inmates in their work related activities within correctional centres.  Industries Officers are trade or certificate qualified to work within and run Industries within a correctional centre. Industries are the areas where inmates work each day in order to gain skills, experience and qualifications that assists their ability to reintegrate successfully into the community upon their release.

The type of industries within correctional centres are diverse and include:

  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Facilities maintenance
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Textile product manufacturing
  • Agriculture, including horticulture and farming
  • Food  services, preparation and production
  • Printing
  • Technology and assembly
  • Sawmilling and timber products
  • Logistics, including warehousing and distribution
  • Laundry operations

Worki​ng as an Industries Officer (Trade/Overseer) with CSNSW

Like Correctional Officers, Industries Officers perform a role that is essential to keep a safe and just NSW. These roles are integral to the security of our correctional system and will be required to respond to situations or work in correctional officer roles from time to time. As such if you are successful for an Industries role you undertake the same assessments and training as a Correctional Officer.​

Becoming an Industries Officer (Trade/Overseer)

If you are the type of person who is interested in supervising and interacting with people and teaching them about your skills in a trade or equivalent, has the maturity to be assertive while remaining level headed, fair and respectful and is resilient in challenging situations this may be the role for you. 

Industries Officers are employed in temporary or ongoing roles within the Correctional Services NSW Division of the Department of Justice. Full training is provided before commencement in the role including placements in Correctional Centres.  Primary Training is conducted over 11 weeks and is fully paid.

Application and Assessment Requirements

To be eligible you must: 

  • Be an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident. Temporary or casual staff may hold time limited working visas
  • Hold a valid and current drivers license
  • Hold the relevant trade or certificate qualification specified for the role
  • Be of good character and meet the probity standards required including a criminal record check and fingerprinting
  • Meet the minimum medical standards and be of a reasonable fitness level to conduct searches and respond to emergency incidents
  • There is a rigorous process for assessment to become an Industries Officer in NSW.  The minimum standards along with the process and what to expect throughout this process is covered in the Information Pack for Correctional Officers and Industries Officers

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​H​ow to apply for an Industries Officer (Trade/Overseer) position

All applications must be submitted through​   We offer roles all over NSW, and you can find all our current vacancies on that site.

For any further information please contact Department of Justice Recruitment on 1800 810 316​.​

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