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Correctional Officer

​What is a Correctional Officer?

Correctional Officers are employed within the Corrective Services New South Wales Division of the NSW Department of Justice (CSNSW) to supervise inmates being held in Correctional Facilities in NSW such as prisons and court cell.

Correctional Officers perform a role that is essential to keep a safe and just NSW.  These roles are integral to the security of our Correctional system.  Correctional Officers work within a demanding and interesting environment where there are opportunities to work in Correctional Centres, Court cells, Transport Units, and other specialist areas such as Intelligence, Investigations and training roles.​

Working as a Correctional Officer for CSNSW

Correctional Officers are a close knit team of workers who support each other in their day to day activities and are proud of the great work they do.

When working as a Correctional Officer with CSNSW your key duties will be to supervise the behaviour and activities of inmates on a daily basis in accordance with the Correctional centre/court complex's routine or structured day.

You will also be required to interact with inmates and respond to their needs through the provision of services in an appropriate manner within relevant guidelines and rules.

You will participate in the reception, induction and discharge of inmates in accordance with relevant policies and guidelines.

Along with the above mentioned requirements for the role, Correctional Services Officers are also required to:

  • Undertake searches (including body searches) and perform escort duties of inmates.
  • Work in a 24x7 shift arrangement and provide a timely response to any emergency or breach of security.
  • Prepare and submit accurate incident reports/statements/records, concerning notifiable incidents.
  • Ensure personal conduct is highly professional and appearance conforms to official standards at all times.
  • Act at all times in accordance with the Department of Justice Code of Ethics and Conduct.

​What type of perso​n are we looking for?

If you are the type of person who has good attention to detail and notices suspicious or unusual behaviours, has an interest in interacting with a wide range of people, has the maturity to be assertive while remaining level headed, fair and respectful and is resilient in challenging situations this may be the role for you.

All applicants for a position of Correctional Officer must undertake a suitability assessment. As these officers are required to function in a highly professional manner and in a tightly controlled environment, it is vital that they have demonstrated skills and attitudes which contribute to effective people management.

Correctional Officers must have good communication skills, be non-judgmental in their dealings with inmates, apply rules and regulations in a fair and consistent manner, show integrity and courage and be fit and healthy.

Application and Assessment Process​

To be eligible you must:

  • Be an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident or hold a visa that allows you work in an ongoing role. Temporary and casual roles may hold an appropriate time limited working visa
  • Hold a valid and current driver's license
  • Be a person of good character and meet the probity standards required including a criminal record check
  • Meet the minimum medical standards and be of a reasonable fitness level to conduct searches and respond to emergency incidents
  • Undertake general ability and psychological suitability testing to assess capabilities in order to progress to interview
  • Undertake an assessment on site process and interview and be competitive in that process in order to be considered for employment

There is a rigorous process for assessment to become a Correctional Officer in NSW  The minimum standards along with the process and what to expect throughout this process is covered in the information pack for Correctional Officers and Industries Officers

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Undertake this self-assessment [PDF, 29kb]​ to see if you match what we need for this role.

How to become a Correctional Officer

If you are offered employment as a Correctional Officer, you must successfully complete the training requirements relevant for this role.

Your paid employment begins with a 10 week full-time basic training course conducted by the Brush Farm Corrective ​Services Academy. The course is designed to equip you to function in the various fields of Correctional duties and to meet the needs and demands of Correctional centre management. The course is delivered at our Eastwood Campus or at a number of regional locations.

The Academy is recognised as an industry leader and one of the finest training institutions of its type. Some limited accommodation may be available at the Academy for those from outside the Sydney metropolitan area whilst in training.

The training is intensive and very demanding. It involves face-to-face program delivery, weapons training and survival training. Subjects covered will include:

  • Case Management and counselling,
  • Correctional centre procedures, managing inmates from minority or special needs groups, weapons use, social issues; and
  • Human relations and understanding the law and its applications in Correctional facilities.

How to apply for a Correctional Offi​cer position

All applications must be submitted through​  We offer roles all over NSW, and you can find all our current vacancies on that site.

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